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When I meet someone new, there are always questions I have to ask before I feel like I really know the person. I love meeting other dietitians who love what they do, but I want to know more than just what they do at work … & that is why I created

As for me…this is what you should know. I am, first & foremost, a wife & mother & I love everything that comes with that role. I was born & raised in Portland, Oregon. I am a dietitian because I love this career where science, counseling, & life change come together. I couldn’t ask for a better job … I work at Portland State University leading Intuitive Eating support groups & coordinating Eating Disorder Awareness events around campus. I am also the creator and author of IntuitiveMama project where my readers get to follow my journey raising a girl to be an Intuitive Eater.

I hope you like what you find here. Most of all, I hope you see that we have a collection of amazing, talented, passionate, wonderful Portland dietitians that are in this field because they care about the people they work with. If you have any questions or want to get involved with in one way or another, please don’t hesitate to email me at Speaking of helping with… I would like to introduce you to Angela Major RD, LD who has volunteered to help me with all the tasks involved in running this site. She came at the perfect time & I am grateful for all the ways she has helped so far. Please meet Angela…

Angela Major, Portland Dietitian


A love of food, health, and science steered me toward the study of nutrition and in 2000 I became a Registered Dietitian. Since then I have been a clinical practitioner, a community educator, a mother, an editor, an organizer, a yogi, and a blogger.

Having two children with Type 1 diabetes gives me a lot to write about and share through my blog, and has inspired me to pursue diabetes education as a professional endeavor.

I am so pleased to be helping with, and am really looking forward to connecting with other Portland-area dietitians!


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