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Erin Foiles RD, LD


Getting to know Erin Foiles RD LD…

Where did you do your undergrad and internship?

I went to college at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.  I was fortunate to be accepted into their Coordinated Program in Dietetics.  I was placed at Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane, Washington for my clinical rotation and Head Start in Spokane, Washington for my community nutrition rotation.  The majority of my foodservice rotation was spent in Moscow, Idaho in the University of Idaho foodservice departments and the Moscow Independent School District.

What does a day at work look like for you?

I work as an inpatient clinical dietitian at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center in Tualatin, Oregon.  Myself and one other dietitian cover all patients. At Meridian Park we see adult patients with a wide variety of diagnosis.  I do not focus on one area of dietetics in my job.  I also have the responsibility of being the Computriton super-user for Meridian Park.  This is a foodservice computer system recently implemented in the Legacy system.

What inspired you to become a dietitian?

I have always enjoyed food, cooking and wellness.  As a college freshman I took Nutrition 101 and decided that a career in Dietetics would allow me to practice what I am passionate about.

What books have shaped you and your practice the most?

Michael Pollan: Food Rules:  I love to read through this book and remind myself to eat what we as humans were intended to eat.  It helps to guide me towards are more natural, whole food approach when eating.

Gary Chapman: The Five love languages:  This is a wonderful book explaining the different ways people give and receive love.  After reading this book you will be able to understand the people in your life.

501 Must Visit Destinations:  I LOVE to travel.  I studied abroad with Semester at Sea in college and circumnavigated the globe with 1,000 students from across the country.  We saw countries in South America, Africa, Asia and North America.  My parents have also lived in Europe so I was able to visit many European countries.  I use this book to cross off places I have been and dream of places I want to go.

American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide:  I find this to be a comprehensive guide of food and nutrition.  I have referred to it many times over the years.

Do you enjoy cooking?  Have you discovered a favorite recipe recently?

I do enjoy cooking.  I am not very adventurous with my cooking.  I enjoy making taco soup during football season.
Taco Soup Recipe
2 lb Hamburger
Large yellow onion
1 package Taco Seasoning
1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Orginal Dry Mix
1-8.5 oz can corn
1-16 oz can pinto beans
10-16 oz can kidney beans
1-6 oz can chopped green chilies
3-16 oz cans stewed tomatoes
3-16 oz cans water (optional depending on desired consistency)
1. Brown hamburger meat.  Drain off grease
2. Chop and saute onion with meat until soft
3. Add seasoning mixes
4. Drain and add corn, pinto beans and kidney beans
5. Add tomatoes, green chilies and water
6. Heat through and serve with grated cheese and/or sour cream

Tell us about a ‘dietitian’ moment you’ve had recently.

I constantly tell my husband to lay off the sodium.  He looks up at me with a guilty look every time he reaches for the salt shaker.


Getting to know Erin…

How did you end up in Portland?

I met my husband at college. He is from Tualatin, Oregon and got a great job in Lake Oswego, Oregon out of college.  I graduated 2 years later and decided to also come to Oregon.  I found a job and we got married!

What keeps your life balanced?  And who inspires you as a role model of a balanced life?

My husband, dog, family, friends and work.  Oh and Sleep!
My mom.  She lives a healthy, happy life and has always been a great role model.

What’s on your bucket list?

-Travel to Ireland, Scotland and Norway
-Take a hot air balloon ride
-Go to Canada (should be an easy one right?!?)
-Road trip across America

What websites to do frequently visit for fun?

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