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Angela Dorsey-Kockler RD, MBA

Getting to know Angela Dorsey-Kockler RD, MBA…

What does a day in the life of Angela Dorsey-Kockler RD, MBA look like?

I am a stay-at-home mom that uses my free time to build out a business plan for my dream job:  launching a non-profit restaurant, designed to serve super-healthy food options quickly, in underserved neighborhoods. I have chosen to make it a non-profit to see if the unique approach of taking profit margins out of the picture will help avoid some of the quality/service sacrifices typically made in for-profit environments. Even though I am a Registered Dietitian with an MBA, there has still been a lot for me to learn regarding non-profit corporations, as well as running a restaurant, so I’ve had to dig deep in those areas to learn what it will take to be successful. Currently, I’m looking for management and investment partners to bring this dream closer to a reality!

If you could give one piece of advice to a dietetic intern, or someone who is interested in becoming and RD, what would it be?

Definitely do not feel obligated to start out or stay with a clinical/hospital job. While that was my favorite rotation during my internship, I did not happen to pursue that as a career path. I started in public health, then moved into both sales and marketing for the food industry and now I feel very confident about stepping out to launch my own business, largely shaped by my experiences within the food industry. There are SO many fun, non-traditional career paths for RDs, including jobs that don’t require the RD designation but for which your credentials will give you a leg up on other job candidates. Really think about what your passion around food and nutrition is, and try to find a career path that compliments that.

If you could change one thing about the nutrition/dietetics world, what would it be?

I would love to see us develop a stronger voice (collectively, but more so, individually) for promoting sound, evidence-based and sustainable ways of eating. There are so many fad diets, magic pills and misinformed people generating greater awareness than dietitians do, and it makes for an uphill battle.

What books have shaped you and your practice the most?

Food Politics, Marion Nestle

In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan

What websites and journals do you refer to for your practice?


Mark Bittman’s blog

TED: Ideas Worth Sharing:

I also participate in several Dietetic Practice Group list-serves.


Journal of American Dietetic Association


Nutrition Action Health Letter, Today’s Dietitian, UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, Tufts Health Letter

Where can we find you on the web?

Getting to know Angela…

What is your favorite travel spot? 

My favorite travel spot would be anywhere I haven’t been yet – especially places with cultures different than our own. There is so much to learn about the world and all the peoples in it; traveling to places like China, Peru and Fiji have really opened my eyes to other ways of life and encourages me to reflect and consider whether I am living my own life to its fullest.

How did you end up in Portland?

We relocated here for my husband’s job. While we are both from IL and neither of us had ever experienced Portland, the little we knew about this little, big city was enough to make the decision easy. We love the lifestyle because it reflects our values yet challenges us at the same time (we still aren’t riding our bikes in the rain… that might take a few years.)

What is your favorite local Portland business and why?

Bob’s Red Mill – the story behind this entrepreneur is one of determination and a wholesome food vision. Their products provide a plethora of healthy food choices, their facility offers a fun production tour, and they offer generous support to local health and wellness initiatives.

What’s on your bucket list?

Start my own non-profit

Go on an African safari and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Incorporate a chicken coop and edible landscaping on our new property

Learn to speak Mandarin

Become President of ADA

Adopt two children

See the rest of the seven wonders of the world (already visited Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu and the Colosseum!)


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