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RDN Elke Schleiss

Your Portland Nutritionist

As a registered dietitian and nutrition counselor, I partner with people exploring questions and emotions surrounding food and nutrition.

We all know “food,” “nutrition,” “healthy,” and “diet” are loaded words in the society in which we live. It seems that every time you turn around there is another commercial, magazine or morning news program telling you that there is a new “super food”, or that you eat too much, or you’re not skinny enough, or you don’t exercise enough. The messages can be so inconsistent and confusing. And, ultimately, this messaging can make us feel incompetent and defeated. How do we tease out fact from fiction? And, above all, how does the truth apply to you?!

I’d love to work with you to explore questions, concerns or preoccupations you may have regarding the nourishment you need to live a healthy, vibrant life. As a dietitian, I reject the rules-based diet approach to what is a biological necessity — EATING. Guilt, deprivation and avoiding “forbidden foods” have no place in my nutrition counseling philosophy. I work with clients who seek mindfulness in eating with the ultimate goal to find satisfaction and enjoyment with food again.

contact refresh nutrition imageAs a registered dietitian and nutrition counselor, I partner with people exploring questions and emotions surrounding food and nutrition.
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Eating Disorders

An eating disorder does not have to be hidden out of shame and it does not have to be forever. Know that there is a way out of disordered eating through compassionate and evidence-based nutrition therapy that can lead you to a love of nourishment without the anxiety.

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Chronic Illness

Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Chronic Inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome – each of these conditions share a common thread, which is the proven efficacy of nutrition therapy in the management of these conditions.

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Diet Trends

Is gluten good or bad? Should I cut soy from my diet? Should I be Vegan or Paleo?! Learn to tease out fact from fiction when it comes to media messaging about food and nutrition. Develop your own healthy, joyful and satisfying relationship with food based on scientific information and educated decisions, not hype.

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Diet Burnout

What would it be like to eat for celebration, eat for fun, eat because it tastes good, and, yes, eat to nourish your body. Become a mindful eater, attuned with what your body is really telling you it wants and needs as opposed to eating by imposed rules, guilt, hunger and disappointment.